Finally, after much agonizing, editing, rewriting, editing, adding, editing, deleting, and EDITING, it’s FINISHED. The book is live. I have released my darling into the wild and can only hope she finds a spark of love out there, somewhere. 😀


*runs around flailing*

It’s available HERE on Smashwords and HERE on Amazon. You can click those sites to find the official blurb and read many sample pages, but the long story short is that it’s a book about a girl who finds a genie (sorry, djinni) and has many adventures–okay, screw that; she has sex. Because of reasons.

Also, it’s on sale for TWO WEEKS ONLY at the fabulous price of $.99 so get it while it’s CHEAP. 😀

Here is the UK Amazon link, since it’s different: CLICKY Let me know if you need additional country links – there are many!


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